About me!

The Dee

I am Roger-Denis Tardif, the creator/operator of DeeWorks.
I’m a machinist since 2004 years and I love what I do. Back when I was a kid, I’ve always been passionate about just any mechanical assembly and all the machine that was used to “form” that steel. That curiosity never left me so right out of High School I took my machinist class. Motivated by my need to make all kind of project, I found a job that gave me access to the machine on my spare time. First car of mine back then was a Volvo 740 turbo 1985, on which I immediately started to make pieces for it. It’s that car that set a passion inside me for built cars, turbos and old volvo. Later on I got myself my actual 940 turbo that started it all on which I installed a lot of machined parts. As my pieces started to catch attention on a few Volvo forum I started to make copy of them and sell them in small quantity, slowly building my name. 


The Works

Using the machine at my disposal, I made custom parts for friends, car enthusiast forum members and a few aftermarket car parts seller. I also have my own line of product that I sell online here on deeworks.ca and on eBay. With the growing demand for custom parts and the good feedback that I received, I decided to create DeeWorks in January 2012 to give an official name to my work. With that new name, I also decided to spread my parts/product range.

A few years later it all grew up to something bigger. In 2016 I bought my own CNC equipment and registered my own business. I still  machine parts for friend and various aftermarket seller and have new product coming out monthly. I now have more room for new work and new customer. I put a lot of care and dedication in my work, from the design phase to the packing everything is done by me with an extreme attention to details. It all matter to me, the details.