Custom work Request

DeeWorks can help you achieve your next project, make a prototype or small to medium sized production run. Here’s what I have to offer;


  • CNC Mill and Lathe machining of all material; Mild Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless-Steel, 4140, UHMW, Delrin
  • Lathe capability up to 8″ in Diameter and up to 12″ in length
  • Small quantity (Prototyping), small production lot (10~50 pcs) and medium sized production (100~250 pcs)
  • Prototyping work is often discounted if a production is planned of the same part


I have a small Type II Anodizing line with most of the most popular color. Every part that I make in aluminum will be offered anodized the color of your choice. Contact me to know if your project fits in my tank. While the size of the parts I can make is small (compared to industrial anodizing shop) the quality is on par if not better. Take a look at my Gallery for some parts that I fabricated and anodized.

Please note that due to my schedule being full, I can not accept any custom single part work like I used to do, except for the torque plate. If you are a company and would like to have me quote machining and delay, use the form below.