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New Line of Titanium Anodizing Disc / Rack

As can be seen from one of my previous post, I do all of my own anodizing for my product and the product I make for other. It’s been 6 years now since I first started to play with anodizing and have learned a lot. When I set up my new line in my small shop I went with a few time saving tricks and tried to automate some of the process. The place where I saved the most is with the Titanium Disc and Rack that I use. I linked a video at the bottom of this post to show my anodizing line and the convenience of the titanium racking, as well as several other feature of my “small scale” setup.

Due to their popularity, I am now stocking 6 different model of Titanium Disc for Aluminum anodizing. I have been using these disc for a long time now and have made several custom one to maximize the number of part I can rack for a single batch. I entertain custom rack depending on quantity. All of the titanium disc that I have in stock are now available on their own webstore at as well as several aluminum anodizing supply. 


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Honda Block Guard Machining and Installation

DeeWorks Block Guard for Honda

One of the latest addition from DeeWorks is the installation of a press fit block guard. A lot of Honda engine are open deck from the factory and the cylinder wall have a tendency to crack when running substancial amount of boost/power. The wall get especially thin when pushing the engine with a bigger bore and some kind of support is a big benefit to have.

Sure you can hover on ebay and buy a 100$ guard and hope it will fit in your engine casting and pray that it won’t move once the head is bolted down or that you don’t hammer it in too deep. I do it a bit differently.

Starting with a billet 1″ thick plate, the guard is machined with coolant hole as well as a chamfer that will help to press it in. The finish are as smooth as possible to make sure there is no grip problem when installing the guard into the engine. What look like “shatter” on the above picture is just coolant from the machine.

DeeWorks Block Guard for Honda

Next up is to machine the block to accept the guard. The right press fit is dialed-in and a step at the bottom ensure that the guard will sit nicely and evenly. 

DeeWorks Block Guard for Honda

The guard is pressed in using some kind of magic;

DeeWorks Block Guard for Honda

DeeWorks Block Guard for Honda

After removing the excess material, the guard are machined .005″ above deck height and a radiused groove is added for proper coolant flow/distribution. The machine shop will deck the block before doing the honing and the guard will look like it’s been there from factory!

DeeWorks Block Guard for Honda

All of the remaining work will be done by your machine shop. The bore WILL need to be bored after as they will be out of round after the installation. It is also highly suggested to bore the engine with a torque plate. Once the head is bolted down, there is no place for the guard to go up or down so the bore will always stay round.

Contact me if you want to get a guard in your engine. Je parle aussi (principalement) français!

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Tial Flange with Pre-Cut Radius Production!

It must be project season because I ran out of stock on most of the pre-cut radius Tial flange that I had for sale. After sitting in my inventory for over a year selling 1 every 3 months a most, they’re all gone under the last 6 weeks!

DeeWorks Tial Flange

I am still a bit surprised of their recent popularity, but I just started a batch of 90 of them so I will have your project covered for a while! I will be stocking more of the popular size. You can see the size available here.DeeWorks Tial Flange

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Keychain, again and again! New Anodizing racks!

So about a month ago I started to make some key chain and wasn’t expecting them to be such a hit. I received a lot of request for custom one!

DeeWorks Volvo billet Key Chain

It’s a shame that I don’t get to use my anodizing line more, let alone the fact that I barely use any color except the black. These little bugger took care of that and I even added a really nice purple dye to my tank.

DeeWorks billet Key Chain

With these new little pieces to do I felt it was time to invest in a titanium fixture that could hold more parts and be much faster to setup. China to the rescue, I ordered these disc that now allow me to mount 30 pieces per rack, or as much as my power supply can handle on a single batch. The trick with a racking like these is the surfaces area goes up a lot and you got to account for it by pushing more amps. As more amps puts out more heat into the tank, the maximum parts quantity that can be run could be affected by that factor.

Titanium anodizing rack full of DeeWorks parts

New pink from Toronto Cycle!

Another model of Titanium Disc full of spacer

I also ordered that other style of disc that can be adjusted in height to fit a good range of parts. Anodizing is pretty fun but it is also time consuming. The more you can make in a batch and how fast you can get your parts ready to be anodized is the only place where you can invest to save time.

I plan to make some in-depth video of my anodizing line and process pretty soon. These will be posted here on my post section!


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The Store is fully working!

You can now make all your purchase of any of my product directly on! Shipping is now calculated automatically based on your cart content, and any shipping option will be displayed to you before checkout. Please note that it is possible that I have made some error and if you see something that doesn’t add up please don’t hesitate to contact me!

I take your personal information seriously. The website is fully secured with trusted SSL certificate and the checkout is handled by PayPal. I want your shopping experience to be just like my parts, as perfect as possible!

Otherwise I wish you a happy shopping and come back often so you don’t miss out any new product!


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New Version of is now Online!

After several hours of work here it is; the new version of! Please note that the STORE portion of the site is not ready yet, so please don’t try to make any transaction! If you need something just contact me, everything that you see listed is in stock.

This is just a quick upload for me to test the site live. It was a lot of typing so I may have made error. If you see something that needs a correction, please contact me!

Otherwise happy surfing on my new site and I hope you will enjoy your visit.

Thanks to everyone that helped me get where I am now!