1″ Titanium Shaft 12″ long with Copper Hook

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Titanium Shaft with Hook

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These round shaft are made out of titanium and feature a copper hook for excellent current conductivity. Combined with any of the titanium disc rack that I sell, they are useful for smaller anodizing line that want to maximize the time needed to rack the parts as well as maximizing the space to do so. This is the product that I use to anodize all of my product. The shaft is 1″ in diameter and 12″ long. Picture of the shaft being used.

  • 1x 1″ Titanium Shaft with Copper Hook, 12″ length.
  • Picture of actual product. Round disc with parts not included.
  • New batch of shaft are 12″ Overall length. Longer shaft available in my store.

It is recommended to clean and/or degrease the product before using it in your tank. 


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