Volvo 4, 5 & 6 Cylinder Whiteblock Block Guard / CNC Cylinder Support

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Volvo Whiteblock T4 T5 T6 Block Guard / CNC Cylinder support

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*** Price does not include shipping of your engine back and forth ***

I am now offering Block Guard installation on all the Volvo 4, 5 and 6 cylinder “Whiteblock” ( T4 T5 T6 engine ). The block is CNC machined to accept a billet block guard made out of 6061 T6 Aluminum, precisely machined for a perfect and even press fit all around. These block are open deck from the factory and cracked sleeve is common when pushing them with lots of power and/or lots of boost. These guard will take care of that problem and are a good start to a high horsepower build. The liner will also be closed with 301 Stainless-Steel shims prior to the guard installation. Shims kit will also be available for sale separately very soon.

The Volvo guard is an adaptation of the block guard that I’ve been succesfully installing in a plethora of Honda engine. Combined with the liner shims, you get a 99.5% closed deck engine. 

Please take a look at this post about the guard machining and installation as well as several picture of the process. While this is a Honda engine, the same process apply.


In order to get a guard in your engine, you must ship your engine to me. I have an USA Based address to handle these type of heavy package and will also ship it back from this USA address. I handle all the border crossing. 

Please also note that the engine MUST be honed after the installation of a block guard. A good machinist will be able to keep it at Stock bore given the engine is not already oversize or out of round. I really recommend measuring your bore before. A torque plate is highly suggested when honing and especially on an alloy inline block. I stock Torque Plate for every volvo engine and will sell them at 30% off if bought together with a block guard. Each guard is machined a little above the block surface, it will need to be surfaced by your engine machine shop. Given the size and weight, you need to be more or less local to me in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada or be comfortable with shipping back and forth. Engine must be completely disassembled and clean. Shipping within Canada is about 100$ per bare block. Pricing is 100$ per hole. 

If you are interested or have any question, shipping address as well as Bulk Pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Je parle aussi (principalement) fran├žais.

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