Carbon Fiber Strut Mounting kit for Drag Wing or Bumper Soiler – Kit of 4 – DIY

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Carbon Fiber Strut Mounting kit for Drag Wing

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A new product that is born from my own need! I was not impressed with the billet strut mount already available so I made my own with a lot of attention to details. We put a lot of sweat and money in our race car, we deserve parts that will make us proud. I didn’t want to compromise look, strength and weight so I put together these kit with the lightest yet strongest components. These are perfect if you are DIY a drag wing or if you want to brace your existing wing or bumper spoiler.

The kit comes unassembled with threaded insert that must be bonded and/or pressed** into the carbon fiber tube once cut to desired length. The carbon fiber tube are 3/8″ in diameter and 24″ long. The strut mount are CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and black anodized in-house. They are machined to fit a #10-32 rod end. The threaded insert are also machined and anodized in-house. #10-32 rod end are surprisingly small and has a nice proprotional look.

Each strut comes with 2 black anodized aluminum rod end (1 Left hand thread, 1 Right hand thread for easy adjustment) and 1 aluminum nut. The kit also include 8 quick release pin that complement the look and make for a quick removal, if needed. The quick release pin are made out of stainless and have a black anodized head with blue buttons.

**Right Hand thread insert is made to be bounded while Left Hand thread insert is pressed in (can still be bonded for added strength). It is recommended to insert the LH side first, cut to length then insert the RH thread insert with gorilla glue or similar bonding agent. RH thread insert should slide in and out of the tube easily for quick measurement before cutting. Remember; measure twice, cut once!

Lastly, the kit comes with black anodized aluminum hardware (M5) to mount the strut bracket. Best look and minimum weight possible!


  • 24″ Long 3/8″ Diameter Carbon Fiber Tubing
  • Black Anodized Strut Mount
  • Black Anodized RH and LH threaded insert
  • Black Anodized RH and LH rod end
  • Aluminum Nut
  • Stainless-Steel/Anodized Aluminum quick release pin


  • 4x Carbon Fiber Tube (3K, Matte)
  • 4x RH Black Anodized Aluminum Rod End
  • 4x LH Black Anodized Aluminum Rod End
  • 4x RH Black Anodized Aluminum Threaded Insert
  • 4x LH Black Anodized Aluminum Threaded Insert
  • 8x Quick Release Pin
  • 4x RH Aluminum Nut
  • 24x M5 Black Anodized SHCS and Locknut

These kit will ship in a 24″ long tube. If you are interested in hardware separately don’t hesitate to contact me.

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