Connecting Rod Balancing Tool Stand Universal Kit

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Connecting Rod Balancing Fixture

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These connecting rod balancing fixture are used to weight and match the weight of each rod end, as well as giving you the ability to determine bob weight required. I was requested by a customer to develop this fixture in order to fix the inherent problem of all solid mounted fixture. 

The “Chain Type” design is the most forgiving design to any misalignment, which is the major cause for unmatched balancing of connecting rods. Ends of the rod rides on 2 roller bearing spaced appart.

They are made out of CNC machined aluminum and the shaft is in stainless steel. The big and small base have rubber mount to help keeping it in place. 

Balance and connecting rod is not included.


  • 1x Connecting Rod Balancing Fixture

This is a video I was sent by my customer that had me made his custom fixture. He was extremely pleased with the accuracy !


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