Custom Torque / Honing Plate (Your Engine)

Your engine is not listed? No problem!


I can make a torque plate for any engine if you can provide me a straight headgasket or a drawing of what you need. Custom torque plate are in the 3-400$ range. They will come with stainless steel spacer insert like my other plates have, and can be customized/engraved with your logo or company name. 

The turnaroung time for custom torque plate is 1 week after I received the headgasket or the drawing of the plate. Material is always in stock. I am selling a lot of torque plate on ebay and have only satisfied customer.

Torque plate end up with a 1.85″ thickness. 

If you are interested in getting a custom plate, contact me using the contact page and we’ll work out the details together.

Torque plate always ship for a flat rate of 5$ in Canada and the United states!


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