LS to TH350 / TH400 Flexplate Adapter Sleeve

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Flexplate Adapter for your TH350 – TH400 behing an LS

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This adapter allow you to use a TH350/TH400 transmission behind your engine with a curved flexplate. This is NOT the same adapter already for sale on the net. I purchased one for my swap and was disappointed by the fit on the torque converter pilot being .010″ and the overall finish being shady. I made these with a tighter tolerance that I adjusted from .003″ to .004″. I also made them to shine enough so you know you don’t pay for nothing.

They fit all torque converter with a 1.703″ pilot diameter. You simply insert the adapter sleeve into the crankshaft end and it center the torque converter pilot diameter. Torque converter depth should always be checked with or without this adapter.

These sleeve are made out of mild steel and are machined in one setup which ensure that they are perfectly concentric. I have sold a LOT of these and have only had great feedback.


  • A Torque Converter Adapter Sleeve
  • No instruction included

Additional information

Weight .22 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 9 × 1 in


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