Volvo WhiteBlock 5 & 6 Cylinder Liner Shim Kit

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Volvo WhiteBlock Liner Shim Kit

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They are finally available for individual purchase! These are the shim that I install on the engine that receive my CNC Cylinder Support/Block Guard and now you can buy them and install them yourself. Available in 4 different thickness; .025″ – .028″ – .031″ and .035″

Prior to ordering, you must get a set of feeler gauge and determine which thickness your engine will require. Some engine will need all different thickness and some will be even on every liner. Don’t forget to clean all of your groove with thinner or another strong solvent, also going back and forth with the biggest feeler gauge that will fit  in the groove to get all the gunk out. 

The shim are lasercut from Spring Steel and 301 Stainless Steel and the kit comes with an aluminum block to help you safely hammer down the shim without damaging the block surface. The kit also comes with printed instruction and advice for an easy installation. 

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 9 × 1 in


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